1. Election of committee secretary.

2. Motion referred from PNB regarding programming on events of national interest.

""That the ED is requested to put in place the means of moving quickly to broadcast simultaneously on all five stations
and as many affiliates as are willing to carry them, events of national interest consistent with our mission, Additional
resources as needed should be put into stations that require them to make this possible."

5/22/10 referred to PNB programming committee

3. On-air whistle-blower policy (see two attachments - one from ED, one from PNB member Jennifer Jager. We discussed
this during last month's non-quorum "meeting," so hopefully we don't need to spend too much time on it.

4. Follow up on 12/08 PNB motion calling for plans to increase listenership (this motion came from the programming
committee at that time).

Here is the relevant text passed by the PNB:

#2 Resolved:  GMs and PDs at all stations will be responsible for developing quantifiable program goals as part of an
overall national strategy for audience growth, designed specifically to:
      - reach listeners who are not currently listening;
      - convert more listeners to members; and,
      - reach-out to nonrenewing and inactive members.
In order to achieve such goals, including those requiring changes in programming, all stations will develop objective
measures to assess mission fulfillment, review program schedules and evaluate individual programs. These
review/evaluation processes and procedures will be developed in consultation with national staff and local station paid
and unpaid staff. Public concerns and needs of non-listeners, listeners and members shall be included in these review &
evaluation processes.
Local stations are encouraged to allocate budgetary and staffing resources to improve the production of existing
programs, in order to reach larger, more diverse audiences and develop new programming capable of reaching new listeners
with new voices.
Plans for reaching the agreed-upon goals should include but are not limited to:
    •    - increasing stations’ presence during, and coverage of, local events;
    •    - cross-promoting programs with other local nonprofit media;
    •    - taking advantage of grants available from community foundations,     governmental  entities and private
    •    - working with nonprofit organizations to enhance and promote their local programming; and,
    •    - encouraging programmers to place articles about their programming in free media, including online

Requests for these plans will be submitted by the Programming Committee through the PNB to the ED. Such plans will be
submitted in writing by local station GMs and PDs through the ED to the Programming Committee and on or about December
31, 2008 and formally presented to the PNB at its January 2009 meeting.

5) Motion re absences and committee membership (Kim Kaufman)

6) Our committee's report to the PNB