Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting, March 13, 2010

A Regular Meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board at the
People's College of Law, 660 S. Bonnie Brae St., Los Angeles CA 90057

John Cromshow served as Chair. Doug Barnett served as Secretary.
Acknowledgement from Karen Millet, of the People's College of Law
12:20pm Meeting called to order.
Eighteen Members were present constituting a quorum. Ken Aaron, Jonathan
Alexander, Rodrigo Argueta, Luis Cabrales, John Cromshow, Ian Johnston, Kim
Kaufman, Ali Lexa, Dutch Merrick, Margie Murray, Sean Casey O'Brien, John
Parker, Reza Pour, Summer Reese, Bree Walker, Donna Warren, John Wenger,
Lamont Yeakey.
Five excused absences: Fred Klunder, Seqouia Olivia Mercier, Leslie Radford,
Ricco Ross, & the acting GM.
Margie Murray is welcomed.

Motion by Ken Aaron; To accept agenda as written items 1 thru 11.
Motion to amend; Leslie Radford; Make item 11 the adjournment.
Ken Aaron calls the question. 8-yes, 2-no, passes.
Motion To accept agenda as written, vote: 7-yes, 5-no, 1-abstain passes
Public Comment
Motion; Rodrigo Argueta, Before we proceed with this meeting, we find out
exactly what is going on between the Police and Ian Johnston. Seconded.
Ian Johnston enters the room.
Dutch Merrick states, in part: "I was asked to attend a meeting with Ian
Jonston and the LAPD. Pulling handcuffs out {scared the} owner."
Ian Johnston says, "I am at the bidding of the Listeners not the Board. This
is a Public meeting".
Motion; Kim Kaufman, Get Going, 10-yes, 2 opposed, 1 abstain. Passes.
PNB report Leslie Radford hands out a printed report to all Board Members.
Motion; To postpone minute approval.
Chair states, "This should be approved in Executive Session".
Vote to postpone; 9-yes, 2-no, 2-abstain. Passes.
Move to Have all minutes forwarded electronically to the board, prior to the
next meeting,
Motion to amend, ..{and} to let those who request a hard copy, pick it up at
the station.
Vote 11-yes, 1-no, 2-abstain. Passes.
GM Search Committee report, Summer Reese. "The Board has rotated so many
committee members off of the Board." "We are hoping for 6 new members."
"Legally no public, no non- board members can be allowed on the GMSC".
Jonathan Alexander states: This matter was resolved at he July KPFK LSB
Motion by Kim Kaufman: To start the election now. Seconded.
Vote 10-yes, 3-no, 1-abstain. passes
Reza Pour states "The election had alternates, let's seat them".
Sean Casey O'Brien states, "Every member of the GMSC has to be a member of the
Public comment after nominations.
Nominations for the election of GMSC members.
2:38pm Ken Aaron asks for 1 minute statements by each candidate
Motion; Ian Johnston calls for the ballots to be distributed after the members
of the LSB and the public speak. Carries with 1 abstention.
Public Comment
"All positions are Listener Sponsored; Rodrigo is staff".

Interim General Manager report is read by Sean Casey O'Brien.
Motion; Sean Casey O'Brien, Move the full GM report to the KPFK website.
Vote 11-yes, 1-no, 4-abstain Passes
Motion; Ken Aaron to go to Public Comment now. 13-yes, 0-no, 3-abstain. Passes
Public Comment for 8 minutes.

Discussion; There is no Parlimentarian. Parlimentarian is appointed by the
The week of April 17th. is suggested for the April LSB meeting.
Members elected to the General Manager Search Committee; Lamont Yeakey, Kim
Kaufman, Margie Murruy, John Parker, Ken Aaron
The LSB adjourned at 3:45pm to an Executive Session.