Draft PNB Elections Committee Agenda
Monday, March 15, 8:30 PM EDT

1. Approval of agenda (5 min.)

2. Elect committee Chair and Secretary (10 min.)

3. Approval of February 22 meeting minutes and March 8 work group minutes (5 min.)
Note: draft work group minutes are at http://kpftx.org/pacalendar/cal_show1.php?eventdate=20100308

4. Update on National Election Supervisor selection (15 min.)

5. Review of updates to January committee report on elections (10 min.)

6. Report from Work group on RFP for contracted election tasks & cost saving proposals (30 min.)

7. Motion from Ken Aaron (see additional info below) (10 min.):
That the PNB advise the ED to rapidly implement the use of the Staff Registry software and make staff registration
mandatory and a requirement for participation as staff member, either as a voter or a candidate, in any Pacifica

8. Motion from Bill Crosier (10 min.):
That the PNB direct the ED to ensure that management at all stations do what is necessary to keep membership lists
updated and correct, that such updating and corrections be completed before the nominations period starts for LSB
elections this year, and that it continue on a regular basis in order to minimize problems with future elections and
reduce expenses to Pacifica.

9. Other Recommendations for PNB, ED, and NES re: elections (15 min.)

10. New Business (5 min.)

11. Determine next committee meeting date (3 min)

12. Adjourn (approx. 10:30 PM EST)

Staff Registry Introduction
from Ken Aaron, KPFK LSB

Brief description:
The Staff Registry is a computer application created in 2009 for Pacifica with the intent of facilitating the proper
distribution of ballots to paid and unpaid staff at the five stations. The basic function of the application is to
allow individuals to register themselves in the system.
Once in the registry, the individual can
*vote in an LSB election,
*access on line training (such as sexual harassment training),
*receive notices via email/phone,
*be contacted for emergencies,
*be part of an equipment inventory system,
It serves as a tool to help management communicate with staff. It also helps management in reporting to the FCC and
CPB about the diversity of our staff.
Though functional and ready to go, the system is still only in test mode.

*This system is under the control of the national HR director.
*It runs on the internet and is therefore available from anywhere.
*Each registration has to be validated by the person's supervisor or the GM of the station.
*Staff (paid/unpaid) have the option to opt-in or opt-out for a free membership. The program states as follows:
All paid and unpaid staff are automatically considered members of the radio station they work for unless they choose to
opt out of that membership. Being a member entitles staff members to vote in staff elections and, if elected, to serve
on the local station board and the Pacifica National Board.
However, the following California law allows any member of a nonprofit to request the names and addresses of all other
members. If you wish to ensure complete confidentiality of your information, you may opt out of being a member.
Alternatively, you may select to be a member and use a post office box as your address to keep your home address from
being released.

*Tracks what programs or other activities the individual is working with.
*Tracks race, gender and ethnicity.
*Tracks type of work done, hours worked per month.

Next Steps that I would recommend:
1.Establish as firm policy that registration should be mandatory for all paid/unpaid staff and a requirement for voting
in any election.
2.A pilot program run at two stations to work out any problems or bugs.
3.Handle and bugs or problems and deploy at the remaining three stations.
4.Generate a validated list of staff to the NES for the upcoming LSB elections.