Draft PNB Personnel Committee Agenda
Monday, June 6, 8:30 PM EST

Note: See relevant documents, including CFO job description, on the committee's Google group files page at

1. Call to order and roll call (1 min.)

2. Approval of agenda (5 min.)

3. Approval of minutes from May 3, 2010 meeting (5 min.)

4. Review process used for ED evaluation procedure, and develop list of lessons learned - what went well and what could
be improved about the process (15 min.)

5. Review timeline/schedule for CFO evaluation and determine next steps, including draft survey for CFO evaluation (see
Apr. 5 minutes) (10 min.)

6. Report from work group on CFO survey, and begin developing that survey (60 minutes)

7. New Business (5 min.)

8. Determine next committee meeting date (5 min.)

9. Review Action Items (5 min.)

10. Adjourn (approx. 9:30 PM EST)