Draft PNB Personnel Committee Agenda
Friday, Feb. 19, 8:30 PM EST

1. Approval of agenda (15 min.)

2. Introductions; contact info below

3. Election of Chair and Secretary

4. Determine next committee meeting date; standing regular meeting

5. Discussion of Committee Assignment, Authority, and Priorities; short and long term

6. Essential Information and Documents to be Gathered for Work Plan

7. New Business

8. Adjourn (approx. 10:30 PM EST)

Committee Goals & Priorities (List in Formation)
* develop evaluation metrics for the board to assess the performance of the ED and CFO (I might suggest that we start
with the job descriptions and contracts, and discuss how we'll get info to help the PNB assess performance on the duties
and responsibilities listed in those documents)

* ensuring that Pacifica has proper personnel policies and procedures, and that they are being followed

* do research on best practices from similar organizations and integrate those into policy recommendations for the PNB
to adopt

* develop risk management protocols

* monitor all pending litigation to do with personnel matters

* (other items? or save some of the above for later?)