1. Approval of agenda (5 min.)

2. Elect Chair and Secretary (10 min.)

3. Approval of Nov. 16, 2009 and Feb. 15, 2010 meeting minutes (5 min.)

4. Review National Election Supervisor (NES) duties and job description (10 min.)

5. Review Jan. 2009 Request for Proposals (RFP) for election services (20 min.)

6. Recommendations re: Process for searching for and selecting NES (15 min.)

7. Motion from Tracy Rosenburg:
The PNB directs the Executive Director to hire a National Election Supervisor as an independent contractor for the 2010
Pacifica LSB elections. The ED is encouraged to interview any candidates with previous LES experience with the
foundation election process. For the 2010 election, the NES is strongly encouraged to explore using the station websites
for the display of candidate information, and to print and mail full packages with the booklet, instead of just ballots
with return envelopes, to only those voters who request them.

The ED is further instructed to work collaboratively with the Election Committeee to develop an RFP for a vendor
contract that would be in effect for the 2012-2013 elections and would include research on online voting options for the
foundations and/or other measures to reduce costs by at least 25% while maintaining a transparent and secure process.
The 2010 Elections Committee is charged with developing the RFP to a completed state so that in 2011, a thorough
multi-bid competitive process can be engaged in and a contractor in place by no later than 12/2011 for the ensuing
2-year election cycle.

8. Recommendations re: What functions should be contracted out (15 min.)

9. Review additions submitted (problems from 2009 elections) to Jan. 2010 comm. report (10 min.)

10. New Business (5 min.)

11. Determine next committee meeting date (5 min.)

12. Review Action Items (5 min.)

13. Adjourn (approx. 10:30 PM EST)