Minutes for the regular National Finance Committee meeting November 10,

Meeting convened at 8:38 PM (ET) a quorum being present, the Chair being
present and the Secretary being absent.
Attending: Grace Aaron, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Sherry Gendelman, Campbell
Johnson, Luzette King, Alberto Luera, R. Paul Martin, Summer Reese, Jamie
Ross, Susan Young.

1. KPFA budget
2. WBAI budget
3. Any other budget items
4. Year end report by NFC
5. Legal costs from PNB
6. Response to information requests to Management
7. Heath account repayment

The committee discussed postponing the meeting.

KPFA budget 8:50 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the KPFA FY10 budget proposal.

At 8:57 PM (ET) the secretary joined the meeting.

Motion: (Brian Edwards-Tiekert) "To approve the KPFA budget, with the
proviso that:
1) If KPFA does not prevail in its appeal of its CPB grant, KPFA
defers its $55,000 phone system upgrade in order to bring its budget into
2) KPFA provide to the NFC an updated cash reserve and cash flow
information by end of business on November 13, 2009." (Passed without

WBAI budget 9:15 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the proposed WBAI FY10 budget. WBAI's fulfillment
rate problem was discussed. It was noted that one third of WBAI's
membership changed every year. The possibility of a need to re-staff some
positions was brought up.

KPFA, KPFT and WPFW's budget was discussed briefly.

Motion: (Alberto Luera) "To adjourn." (Passed without objection)

Adjourned 11:36 PM (ET)

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary