Affiliates Taskforce 10-15-09 Tentative Agenda
1. Roll call

2. Approval of agenda

3. Approval of minutes 9-10-09, 10-8-09

4. Report from Chair- E Nwangaza

5. Report from Affiliate Coordinator- U Ruedenberg

6. Old Business:
a. Subcommittee on “Adopting” Affiliate Stations
Propose to PNB that each sister station, should it choose, “adopt” an affiliate or start-up stations for a year— helping
with fund-raising, training, etc.
b. PNB/Affiliate Communication: Institutionalizing relationship of Affiliates/Staff/Affiliate Directors

7. New business: Selection Process & deadlines for Affiliate Directors

8. Set next meeting date/agenda: 11-14-09

9. Adjourn