Minutes for the regular National Finance Committee meeting October 6, 2009.

Meeting convened at 8:42 PM (ET) a quorum being present, the Chair and
Secretary being present.
Attending: Grace Aaron, Summer Reese, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Sherry
Gendelman, Campbell Johnson, Alberto Luera, R. Paul Martin, Jamie Ross,
Lavarn Williams, Susan Young.

Motion: (Jamie Ross) "To take up confidential issues of the Pacifica Radio
Archives and KPFA in executive session at 10:30 PM (ET)." (Passed without

Pacifica Radio Archives budget 8:44 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the proposed FY10 budget for the Pacifica Radio
Archives. Possible grants were discussed.

National Office budget 9:17 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the National Office's FY10 budget.

KPFA budget 9:59 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the KPFA FY10 budget proposal. Staff cuts are to
begin right after the current on-air fund raiser is over. Other details
were discussed.

Motion: (Jamie Ross) "To approve KPFA's FY10 budget and ask that the
station submit a cash management plan to the National Finance Committee
within a week." (Passed without objection)

It was noted that the WBAI FY10 budget had not been submitted yet, the
WBAI LSB will meet and probably vote on it on October 13.

Motion: (Jamie Ross) "That the committee meet next on October 20, 2009."
(Passed without objection)

Motion: (Jamie Ross) "To adjourn to executive session." (Passed without

Adjourned 10:42 PM (ET)

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.