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Pacifica National Board - Teleconference (Open Session)
8:30 pm Eastern Time, 7:30 pm Central Time, 5:30 pm Pacific Time
Originating in Various Locations

August 7, 2009


(Approved Aug. 23, 2009)

I. Call to Order/ Opening Business. PNB Chair Grace Aaron called meeting to
order at 8:35 pm (ET). O'Brien served as timekeeper.

a. Roll Call/ Quorum. Recording Secretary Richard Uzzell called the roll
and a quorum was established.

KPFA - Berk., Ca.: KPFK - L.A., Ca.: KPFT - Houston, Tx.:
WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
X Sherry Gendelman X Grace Aaron X George Reiter
X Nia Bediako
X Bonnie Simmons X Shawn O'Brian Ab Sandra Rawline X
Carolyn Birden
AL Andrea Turner X Leslie Radford X Wendy Schroell
AL Kathy Davis
X Joseph Wanzala Ab Ricco Ross X Susan Young
AL James Ross

WPFW - Wash. D.C.: AFFILIATES: Staff & Counsel:
X Jim Brown X David Beaton X LaVarn Williams, Interim CFO
AL Acie Byrd X Efia Nwangaza X Ricardo de Anda, Int. Gen.
X Luzette King

b. Agenda Approval. Chair asked if there were any additions or changes
proposed for the Agenda. Reiter moved to extend consideration of
Recall Procedures to a total of 40 Minutes; HNO, Approved. Agenda [as
amended] Approved.

c. Minutes Approval. None.

II. Discussion of a Recovery Plan for the Pacifica Foundation. Board met in
a Committee of the Whole to discuss various ideas for planning the
Foundation's recovery from the current financial difficulties. Discussion
followed. O'Brien suggested that all the ideas being mentioned should be
written down, to be discussed later. Schroell suggested that maybe an
additional day could be added to the October In-Person meeting in Houston
to discuss this matter. The Chair asked if anyone objected to stopping
the discussion at that point and taking it up again at the next PNB
Teleconference (8-23-09); HNO, Approved.

III. Discussion of a Delegate Re-call Procedure. Reiter moved to amend to
add that the Corporate Secretary would forward the petition requesting the
re-call first to the Pacifica General Counsel for an opinion of the
validity of having a re-call election. J. Ross moved to amend to add that
"the PNB shall make the final decision on whether to have a re-call
election." O'Brien moved to postpone the Re-Call Procedure Discussion
until the next PNB Teleconference. Motion voted Approve, 11-4-3. [See
Below - next page.]

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Pacifica National Board Open Teleconference MINUTES
August 7, 2009

KPFA - Berk., Ca.: KPFK - L.A., Ca.: KPFT - Houston, Tx.:
WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
Y Sherry Gendelman PNV Grace Aaron N George Reiter
N Nia Bediako
Y Bonnie Simmons Y Shawn O'Brian Sandra Rawline
Y Carolyn Birden
Y Andrea Turner N Leslie Radford Y Wendy
Schroell N Kathy Davis
Ab Joseph Wanzala Ricco Ross Y Susan Young
Y James Ross
Y Jim Brown David Beaton
Y Acie Byrd Y Efia Nwangaza 11-4-3
Ab Luzette King
Ab Billy Ray Edwards

Wanzala assumed the Chair so Aaron could comment on the issue. Aaron told
the Board that until this matter could be settled, all Re-Call Elections
would be put on hold. Aaron then resumed being the Chair.

Pacifica General Counsel Ricardo deAnda recommended that the Governance
Committee that this opportunity to look more closely at the procedure than
simply with regard to current Re-Calls.

IV. Next PNB Teleconference. Sunday August 23, 2009, at 8:00 pm (ET).

V. Adjourned. O'Brian moved to adjourn. Hearing no objection, Adjourned at
9:33 pm.

Minutes Scribed and Prepared by: Richard Uzzell, PNB Recording Secretary

Minutes Approved by the Pacifica National Board:

Grace Aaron, PNB Chair Aug. 23, 2009
______________________ _________________
Witnessed By: Date: