Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board of June 16, 2009

A regular Meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board on June 16, 2009
at the Palms Presbyterian Church, 2908 Robertson Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90034
Steve Weatherwax served as Chair.Doug Barnett served as Secretary.
Fifteen Members were present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, Dave
Adelson, Jonathan Alexander, Chris Condon, Israel Feuer, Ian JohnstonŠ, Rufina
Jurez, Tracy Larkins, Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey O' Brien, Reza Pour, Leslie
Radford, Ricco Ross, Steve Weatherwax, Yosh Yamanaka and later Kahilid Al-
Alim, Jan Goodman.
Members excused: Sherna Gluck, Yolanda Anguiano, Lamont Yeakey, Donna Warren,
Margaret Prescod.
Members Absent: Summer Reese, Linda Sutton
The meeting was called to order at 7:45pm.
Michael Sanchez, the Election Supervisor, continued with questions.
The May, 2009 LSB minutes were approved with change of language offered by
Motion to approve agenda as amended. Chris Condon moves to add a motion
dealing the formation of an elections committee, with a stipend to the
Secretary of the LSB and add an item about vacancies on the LSB.
Motion fails, no second.
Motion to add 10 minutes for unfinished business. 9-yes, 1-no, 3-abstentions.
Agenda approved, without objection.
Public Comment: A listener confirms that 3 hours of fund drive donation can
qualify them for membership.
Standing Committee Reports:
Finance: Air Conditioning: 4 units need replacing.
Motion: Whereas the Finance Committee has learned that major expenses will be
forthcoming to fix air conditioning problems, the LSB recommends that KPFK
manager prepare a Request For Proposal for the solarization of KPFK's
electrical power, including various government rebates, subsidies, etc.
Passes, without objection.
There will be a public meeting on the 2010 budget for KPFK, along with the
Finance Committee meeting at the station, on Thursday July 16, 2009 at 7pm.
Dave Adelson asked how the LSB can make meaningful input into the budget
Motion by Grace Aaron: The next LSB meeting will have a one hour discussion on
the budget.
Dave Adelson asked whether the Finance Committee can see bill backs from the
National Office before the budget discussion?
Rufina Juarez asked: Will the Business Manager provide all the budget
assumptions to the LSB before public meeting?
Motion by Dave Adelson: Be it resolved that the LSB requests that the GM ask
the business manager to provide [via e-mail] the LSB Finance Committee with
the list of the budget assumptions used in this budgeting cycle. Passed,
without objection.
Outreach committee: We are at the station every day and asking restaurants and
organizations to donate food (for the fund drive). We have no training in the
Motion by Dave Adelson: The LSB asks that the GM to meet with the chair of the
Outreach committee and other interested LSB members to discuss coordination of
outreach and training effort. Tracy Larkins declines to vote because the
Motion will be acted on without Public Comment. Motion Passes.
Public Comment: 4 comments, 3 minutes total.
Time added to populate the Working Group on the Internship Program;
Members are Lawrence Reyes, Ian Johnston, Dave Adelson, Tracy Larkins, Doug
Personnel Committee: No convening of meeting. The next meeting of the
Personnel Committee will take place Tuesday June 30, 2009 at 7pm.
Motion by Rufina Juarez: To (LSB members) review the National Policy on LSB
member behavior during public meetings as a reminder of our conduct. Action to
take no more than 10 minutes of our next meeting. Seconded by Ricco Ross.
Passes, without objection.
Motion That LSB charge the Personnel Committee to begin the search for a
Program Director. Seconded.
Governance Committee: The committee asks that members bring forth un-
implemented motions from past LSB minutes.
Motion: The LSB requests that the GM report to the LSB on the progress and
plans for implementing of the motion on 911 truth programming passed on
February 8, 2008. Passes, without objection
Public Comment.
PNB report
Shawn Casey O' Brien: The PNB Personal Committee is in the midst of a search
for a new ED for the foundation.
We will be extending all the election dates, but certification, by two weeks.
The deadline extension is National and will effect the whole network.
Board comment: Dave Adelson notes that the PNB passed a motion that requires
any document in the Board Packets should indicate its revision history, who
produced it and when, practically important as your shifting people over
because what ends up happening in Pacifica is that there is a document, "oh
well, this is like my employment agreement...
We've had letters, other things, this or that, that doesn't say who or wrote
or who put it in there or when, when it was revised or anything. You (the PNB
must) bird-dog it, nothing goes into the Board Packet without a revision
history and date approved, and be in a electronic searchable form.
Leslie Radford: We are also looking for a CFO, the application period for ED
and CFO ended May 20th, are more are being accepted?
Grace Aaron: An in person PNB meeting will be 23, 24th and 26th of July in NY.
All station fund drives improved over (last) winter drives. LaVarn Williams is
the acting GM of WBAI and the best Fund drive of the last 12 fund drives. We
will be able to come in close to budget.
Board comment: Ian Johnston notes these greatly extended fund drives burn
listeners and are not "successful" in our historical terms.