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Pacifica National Board - Teleconference (Open Session)
8:30 pm Eastern Time, 7:30 pm Central Time, 5:30 pm Pacific Time
Originating in Various Locations

May 27, 2009

(Approved July 24, 2009)


I. Call to Order/ Opening Business. PNB Chair Grace Aaron called meeting to
order at 8:35 pm (ET). Shawn O'Brien agreed to serve as time keeper.

a. Roll Call/ Quorum. Recording Secretary Richard Uzzell called the
roll and a quorum was established. X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused
Absence; AL Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berk., Ca.: KPFK - L.A., Ca.: KPFT - Houston, Tx.:
WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
X Sherry Gendelman X Grace Aaron Ab George Reiter
X Nia Bediako
X Bonnie Simmons X Shawn O'Brian AL Sandra Rawline
X Carolyn Birden
X Andrea Turner AL Leslie Radford AL Wendy Schroell
X Kathy Davis
X Joseph Wanzala X Ricco Ross X Susan Young X James

WPFW - Wash. D.C.: AFFILIATES: Staff & Counsel:
X Jim Brown X David Beaton X LaVarn Williams, Interim CFO
Ab Acie Byrd X Efia Nwangaza X Les Radke, National Elections
X Luzette King __ Ricardo de Anda, Int. Gen.
b. Agenda Approval. Chair asked if there were any additions or
changes proposed for the Agenda. Wanzala moved that the motion that
appears as a consent item from the Governance committee by moved to the
Governance Committee part of the agenda so that it may be revised. Wanzala
moved approval of the Agenda [as amended]. Hearing no objection, motion

c. Setting Next Future Meetings. July In-Person. Simmons reported that the
Coordinating Committee is looking at locations for the July In-Person PNB
Meeting in New York, and they are looking at July 11 or July 25. Chair
asked them to coordinate with Davis re:WBAI Fund Raiser. Nwangaza moved to
extend for 5 minutes. HNO Approved.
Future Teleconference. Chair moved that the next teleconferences be June
7,12 and 28. Simmons moved to substitute that the dates be June 7, 26 and
July 12. Birden moved to amend substitute not consider July date until In-
Person date set. Hearing no objections, Amendment Approved. Simmons
moved to extend for 3 minutes HNO Approved. By a vote of 14-0-2
substitute motion Approved. [See Below.]
KPFA - Berk., Ca.: KPFK - L.A., Ca.: KPFT - Houston, Tx.:
WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
Y Sherry Gendelman PNV Grace Aaron George Reiter
Y Nia Bediako
Y Bonnie Simmons Y Shawn O'Brian Sandra Rawline
Ab Carolyn Birden
Y Andrea Turner Y Leslie Radford Y Wendy
Schroell Y Kathy Davis
YJoseph Wanzala Y Ricco Ross Y Susan Young
James Ross

Y Jim Brown Y David Beaton
Acie Byrd Y Efia Nwangaza 14-0-2
Ab Luzette King
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Pacifica National Board Open Teleconference MINUTES
May 27, 2009

I. e. Minutes. Simmons moved that the consideration of the April 24-26
Berkeley Open Meeting Minutes be postponed until the next Teleconference.
Hearing no Objection, motion Approved.

II. Acknowledgements.

** Tony Bates and the many Producers for their work on WBAI Drive. **
by Davis,

**Staff and Listeners of WBAI, Kathy and all through-out Pacifica
Pledge Drive that was $30,000 over goal with three days to go. **
by Williams.

** WBAI Listener/Members and Staff for supporting WBAI and for those who
continue to support WBAI although they may not approve of recent
changes. **
by Bediako.

**IED Grace Arron and IGM LaVarn Williams for their "vision, courage,
consistency and commitment" despite negatives that some continue to
to speak of changes at WBAI.
by Nwangaza.

** Endorsed Nwangaza statement above and to Thank Listeners who for
staying open to needed changes **

by King.

**All who have sent in resumes for ED, CFO and HRD. ** by

Joe Wanzala assumed the Chair.

III. iED Report. iED Grace Aaron gave report. [Audio available on]
Discussion followed. Radford moved to extend for 5 minutes. HNO,

Aaron re-assumed the Chair.

IV. Election Supervisor's Report. Les Radke gave report. [Audio available
Discussion followed.

V. iCFO Report. ICFO LaVarn Williams gave report. [Audio available on]
Discussion followed.

VI. Committee and Working Groups Reports. [Audio available on]

a. Finance. Committee Chair J. Ross gave report. Report on Unrestricted Cash
shows that this level is getting quite low compared to expenses and passed
the motion below.

Motion (passed without objection): The National Finance Committee has in
hand information that lets us know that a potential cash shortfall is
imminent and that the Cash Management working group should develop
criteria for, and terms of, a loan application.

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Pacifica National Board Open Teleconference MINUTES
May 27, 2009

[Finance Committee Report Continued]

In response to question of "Are there enough funds to pay for upcoming
elections?," the committee passed the motion below.

Motion (passed without objection): The National Finance Committee
believes canceling the election may create liability. The National
Finance Committee requests detailed spending plans to further understand
the financial impact of upcoming LSB election. The National Finance
Committee urges the National Elections Supervisor to come back with plans
that would be cost effective and below the expenses of the last election,
including a scenario that minimizes all discretionary spending.

In response to budget time table questions, the committee passed the
moyion below.

Motion (passed without objection): That the existing budget timetable be
communicated to all General Managers and Business managers by the CFO.

Simmons moved to extent by 2 minutes. HNO, Approved.

b. Elections. Committee member Wendy Schroell gave report. Elected
Committee Chair Bill Crosier (Houston). Working with NES who has hired 3
of 5 local LES

c. Personnel. Committee Chair Sandra Rawline gave report. Discussion

VII. Adjourned. O'Brian moved to adjourn. Hearing no objections, Open
Session adjourned at 10:30 pm (ET).

Minutes Scribed and Prepared by: Richard Uzzell, PNB Recording Secretary

Minutes Approved by the Pacifica National Board:

Grace Aaron, PNB Chair July 24, 2009

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Witnessed By: Date: