1. Continuation of discussion on WPFW election of candidates to PNB.(20 min)

2.That any PNB member shall be able to have a comment made by
listeners in the Listener Comments section of a meeting be recorded (George)(10min)
in the minutes.

3. Motion offered by Leslie Radford(10 min)


That the iED work with General Managers to establish goals and
processes for recruiting and training volunteers for appropriate
station duties, and present those goals and processes to the PNB
within six weeks.


Motion from Ted Weisgal(10 min)

The bylaws say:
"Local station boards should work with station management to ensure that station
fulfills the purposes of the Foundation and is responsive to the
diverse needs of the listeners (demographic) and communities
(geographic) served by the station, and that station policies and
procedures for making programming decisions and for program
evaluation are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner
to provide quality programming."

4.Recommend to the PNB that they request, in writing, an explanation (10min)
from the GM's and PD's on how they are implementing this bylaw.

5. George Reiter

LSB chairs will be responsible for getting the names and contact
information of everyone on the PNB committees from their LSB to the
Secretary of the PNB within two days of the conclusion of the January
PNB meeting.(5 min)

7. Chris Condon(5 min)

As an emergency cost saving measure, the position of PD shall be
eliminated at all stations

8. Grace Aaron, Sherna Berger Gluck (10 min)

As there are LSB elections this year, the matter of the definition of
who is and who is not an unpaid staff member should be reviewed. The
pertinent section of the Bylaws is Article Three, Section 1., B. STAFF

"Staff Members" shall be: (1) any non-management full-time or
part-time paid employee of a Foundation radio station; or (2) any
member of a Foundation radio station "Unpaid Staff Organization" or
"Unpaid Staff Collective Bargaining Unit" which has been recognized
by station management, or, if the station has neither such
organization or bargaining unit, then any volunteer or unpaid staff
member of a Foundation radio station who has worked for said radio
station at least 30 hours in the preceding 3 months, exclusive of
fundraising marathon telephone room volunteer time. Said volunteer
work shall be performed under the supervision of the Foundation
radio sation management and shall not include volunteer work on
committees of a Local Station Board.

9. The PNB shall revive the Code of Conduct Working Group(Sherna)(10 MIN)