PNB Elections Committee Meeting
Monday August 17, 8:30 PM EDT

1. Approval of agenda (5 min.)

2. Approval of meeting minutes (July 20 minutes) (5 min.)

3. Confirm next committee meeting date & time
(Monday, 21 Sep 2009 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern (and the 3rd Monday of each month thereafter)
(5 min.)

4. NES update (15 min.)

5. Working group reports/updates:
a. membership lists - cleanup (10 min.)
b. staff lists (10 min.)
c. campaign finance (10 min.)
d. replacement ballots (15 min.)

6. Task force/subcommittee to work on list of challenges & fair campaign issues from past elections, per NES request (to
help resolve conflicting and ambiguous decisions/guidelines and develop other recommendations to reduce confusion and
challenges this time), and to help NES as needed between EC meetings. (10 min.)

7. New Business
a. Membership waivers (10 min.)
b. Other items ?

8. Adjourn (10:30 PM EDT)