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Sunday, July 31, 2022 4:00 PM ET
KPFK Town Hall Assembly Teleconference
Committee Members
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The KPFK Local Station Board Outreach Committee invites you to a Virtual Town Hall Via Zoom on Sun., July 31st, 1PM to 3PM.
Is your chance to connect with your local southern CA community non-commercial Listener Supported Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM since 1959. Now celebrating 63 years of independent broadcasting.

KPFK is going through a transformation period, seeking a new General Manager and your feedback to better serve the community.
Come meet the current Interim General Manager Moe Thomas, on-air programmers, and Executive Director Stephanie Wells, to share your thoughts about our programs, hosts, music, website and more.
**Plus hear and connect with other listeners.
**Again, the KPFK LSB Outreach Virtual Town Hall will be Sunday, July 31st, 1pm to 3pm. You can Join us via your Computer or phone line.
Get the Zoom connection information at or at Also via Facebook at:

We'll meet you at the next Virtual Town Hall and thanks for supporting your non-commercial and listener supported Radio KPFK 90.7 FM. LA's most independent progressive public radio station.
Your donations are essential to keep us independent and commercial free. Annual membership is only $25.00, which qualifies to voting for your local Station Boards, and much more.
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KPFK - LSB Outreach Committee is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Town Hall Event on 7-31-22, 1 PM to 3 PM (PDT).
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Notes from the 6-26-22 LSB Outreach Meeting, via Zoom...
The Pacifica Foundation Stephanie Wells attended the full meeting duration.
Here is the that meeting audio recording:

And here is the Zoom closed_Caption-Sun-6-26-22, 1130 AM to 147 PM_PT.

KPFK-LSB Auto Transcript of the Outreach Committee, Sun., 6-26-22, 11:30 AM to 1:47 PM (PT).

11:35:38 Hello! Everyone!
11:35:45 Hey, Paul Robertson, how are you? Alright.
11:35:52 So i'm i'm just as you know i'm studying.
11:35:56 So i'll be here for about at at most 35 or 40 min.
11:36:00 Okay, that's terrific, thank you that's the studying going.
11:36:08 It's going great this time around very exhausting but i'm i'm really retaining the information.
11:36:13 So in a good place. Yeah, I know it's it's a tough It's a tough exam.
11:36:20 So I wish you the very best that's great Okay, I'm going to announce the committee meeting today.
11:36:27 We have life transcription as well to make it easy for minutes.
11:36:33 This is Bella, the Soto chair of the Kpi of G. Lsb.
11:36:37 Outreach committee today is Sunday, June 20, sixth, 2022.
11:36:45 We normally start in, meet the last Sunday of every month, and today is the last Sunday of June, and at 1130 Am.
11:36:55 And right now our time is 1136 with us.
11:37:02 We have Paul Robertson Bruce, melm while a reason someone on the iphone don't know who that is.
11:37:14 I hope to find out who that is. Janine Ron.
11:37:19 Kim Kaufman, Michael Novik. I thought I saw another person here.
11:37:27 This is Stephanie Wells i'm on the iphone.
11:37:33 Hello, Stephanie, that is great. that is you, Excellent.
11:37:35 Thank you so much. give me a moment here. Wow!
11:37:42 Great to hear from you, Stephanie, I hope You're well, thank you for your amazing work with this happy to be here.
11:37:50 Thanks.
11:38:02 So, Stephanie, how much time do you have today to be with us?
11:38:07 I'll try to stay up for the whole thing i'm kind of in and out of Okay, and if you have to, you know, drop off and come back that's fine.
11:38:16 Don't worry. Okay, Thanks. You bet Thank you so so much for joining us, Stephanie.
11:38:22 You know, since we have you here Now, this is your first participation in the Outreach Committee.
11:38:29 Would you like to give us kind of an update what's going on?
11:38:33 What's coming up I know that there's an event over the airwaves next Wednesday schedule for the Lsb.
11:38:40 To do a report dialogue with the membership.
11:38:44 The listeners. You know you can talk to us about anything that you feel.
11:38:50 You know, everybody has to know, and sure, no problem.
11:38:57 Yeah, we are doing the listener Report Wednesday evening at 8 Pm.
11:39:03 At Kpfk. I just participated in the one for Wpfw.
11:39:10 On Friday morning, so hopefully, we'll be able to get these on a schedule on a regular basis, and I know i'm not too sure how the ones at Kpfk work but for W Pfw.
11:39:23 It was myself and the Lsb. chair, the general manager.
11:39:27 They had a couple of people come on from different committees and give reports, and then they also highlighted
11:39:34 A new donor that had just become a member of the station.
11:39:38 As to why they became a member. What they like about the station.
11:39:40 That kind of thing. So it was a very fast paced hour.
11:39:45 We each the general manager, and Will the Lsb. President to myself.
11:39:50 Both had 20 min or so to speak. and we had people calling in and Yeah.
11:39:57 So hopefully. we'll get something like that on the schedule at Kpfk.
11:39:58 I'm. on a regular basis to the full meeting of the Pmb.
11:40:09 For March fourth, 2,021. when precisely the communication resolution was passed.
11:40:18 It passed by 17, no one extension, and
11:40:24 The reasons that were given, and I remember that the chair at that time of the Wpw.
11:40:31 Explain why is so critical. They have been doing this since 2,008.
11:40:36 So they're way ahead of the network you know and we have not been doing this.
11:40:43 We, we go out to the We are constantly requesting that we get donations, but we need to treat our listeners with a great deal of respect.
11:40:54 Our membership, and we need to increase our membership and what better way than do you have a regular you know in an back and forth conversation to learn what they want and hear from them.
11:41:11 Ask questions, and let them know what's going on and you know, is a two-way system, right?
11:41:18 Exactly. Exactly. so. it kind of gives also the listeners a chance to get on the air as well, and and you know, say what they need to say or make their comments.
11:41:28 So, and I think a lot of sort of encouraging of surveys.
11:41:31 And if we had questions that people could maybe answer on a regular basis on our website and kind of drive people to our websites.
11:41:40 Because a lot of people join and find our station via the web.
11:41:45 And so we really need to focus on building up our websites and our social media.
11:41:49 And taking a close look at our Google analytics to see how many people actually hit our website and what they click on when they get there.
11:41:56 So hopefully. this will be the start of building that communication absolutely. thank you.
11:42:02 I just admit it, Nancy Cybara from Kpft, Bruce.
11:42:07 Grief from Wbai, and just wanted to announce.
11:42:13 I did not say it at the start that the Pacific executive Director Stephanie Wells, joined us, and she was just speaking.
11:42:24 A Michael. you have your hand up, Michael. novick hi there! Yes, thanks. I'm glad you'll be joining us, Stephanie.
11:42:30 You know the the Pnb motion does call for rotating.
11:42:33 The participation among board members over the course of the year, and I hope we can schedule it on a regular basis, so that we can line that up going forward.
11:42:45 And you know but we do anticipate that, you know.
11:42:48 Taking. listen to cause it's supposed to be at least a half half of the show do dedicated to that.
11:42:53 So we will be doing that, I think, if we can get a regularly scheduled show it doesn't necessarily have to be at the same time on the schedule.
11:43:03 But I think if we can plan them in advance it'll give us more opportunity to prepare for it and develop some segments, I said, if we can schedule the shows in advance, even if it's not necessarily the same time.
11:43:17 slot going forward that we can, you know, do some of the kind of prep work that they did.
11:43:23 Wpfw where it's been a regular fixture and prepare segments, and you know invite guests on and so on.
11:43:30 So I think that, you know, if we can get a regular time, not necessarily the same time slept, but but no in advance.
11:43:37 When the show would be on, we can arrange to really comply with the
11:43:42 Peter, motion and rotated among the different Lsb members, so that everybody has an opportunity to participate in that and take the listener calls.
11:43:53 And I am thankful that I think it. was Mark Maxwell prepared a cart to publicize it. so we can let the listeners know that it's going to be happening.
11:44:03 Hopefully increase participation that way. Thank you. Thank you, Michael Novick.
11:44:08 I noticed that Janine Ron put in the chat.
11:44:11 That We also need to promote it on Twitter and Instagram and Tiktok.
11:44:19 And I just let in. Now, Bruce, Grief, Bruce, you have your hand up.
11:44:22 You need to unmute. You have your hand up
11:44:30 Hi, Bruce. I mean this kind of like, apropos.
11:44:37 Nothing in particular, but I thought it was really exciting. Wba.
11:44:42 I had a show yesterday called Democracy Class, by Gloria J.
11:44:47 Brown Marshall, and it was geared toward younger people.
11:44:51 But at what I thought. What I think is the really exciting aspect is she did a zoom webinar and Simult cast it on the radio at Wb Ai.
11:45:05 So you know, everybody's been talking about this type of stuff but here's an example it was an hour show, and she she was on with another young person on Zoom and the audio went out over wba I air
11:45:21 so it's definitely doable. and I think some of the guest shows where they could have somebody on interviewed by the host, you know, would be ideal for Zoom live simulcast over the radio, or maybe Facebook live but I
11:45:38 just thought it was really exciting, because, Sha, you know, somebody actually went and did it.
11:45:45 Excellent. Thank you so much for that update that's fantastic, really.
11:45:50 We need to do more of that across the network. Janine is saying that also Teasers programming teasers would be great to start
11:46:01 You know promoting them through tick, doc. in the other social media platforms.
11:46:11 Margo ice, or Hi, there, you have your handout. brief.
11:46:15 Our Bruce, are you? Are you done? Your hand is still up.
11:46:22 Okay, go ahead, Margo. Hi there.
11:46:35 Okay, Hi, i'm collie i'm saying i'm not calling. You see, I'm calling I wanted to say that one of the main things I have used for interactive these things is Facebook and some of the hosts of some of the programs
11:46:48 are already posting things on Facebook. so I don't think we should exclude it from our reach.
11:46:53 Out outweigh. Okay, and I think that would be also another way to reach a lot of people and that's what I wanted to say.
11:47:01 So i'm glad that that's happening I don't know if this is time to bring it up again, and also the physical presence of this makeup.
11:47:12 If you can speak up. Okay, then I have to keep reiterating, I believe soon is the physical presence of people from Kpfk with a table full of information and subscription forms, and at every single event that is promoted on
11:47:25 kpfk, sponsored by Kpk, and every single venue that is mentioned on Kpfk.
11:47:31 There must be volunteers, and some of the setup at that. People pick up stuff and go to these things and reach out and tell people about Kpfk that's really really important.
11:47:40 More than even the social media of electronics. Okay, and Then i'll say, just yeah, just keeping the reality of it is important.
11:47:49 Even those castles that's the are you aware that We are joined by Stephanie.
11:48:02 Wells stephanie that's good I may be having to leave. I have a party a 40, a tenth anniversary celebration to go to. so i'm just this shamming in here.
11:48:06 Now, and I. I told someone else about the meeting.
11:48:12 Okay, but anyway, thank you so much, and have Yes,
11:48:18 So also our agenda, which is Lensley is posted at K Bf. Tx.
11:48:21 Dot org, please. and Michael Nova. Yes, we need.
11:48:25 Michael just posted something on the chat. Yes, we need to be out in the streets now, especially talking with people, interviewing people and bringing their content and creative expressions to the airwaves.
11:48:41 Absolutely. We need to be planning today for our next and our first town hall of the year.
11:48:48 Which per our bylaws. we need to at least hold 2 town holes.
11:48:56 In the past they have been life successfully, but in the last 2 years they have been virtual via Zoom.
11:49:04 The first one was via free conference call dot com, and we had about close to 60 people.
11:49:11 We had some technical glitches with that platform, So we switched over to Zoom and that we've had successful interactive sessions.
11:49:23 We meet from one till 3 P. M. on a Sunday or Saturday, and we had scheduled what I feel, which I tentatively scheduled.
11:49:35 It for July July, the last Sunday of the month, which will be the thirty-first, So that will be Sunday, the thirty-first to hold our first downhill event for the year, and normally
11:49:54 Stephanie, I provide the copy for on air, promotion and imagery for the website as well, so that we can get on their promotion.
11:50:07 And so that you know the signal area can know about it? and there's do you have access to the email? Blast to the membership as well?
11:50:17 Stephanie. meaning Do I get it? or do I have access to Have you been given access to the Kpfk email blast platform?
11:50:27 No? Okay, then, that is an area that you should have access to, so that you can send your announcements and updates to the station membership.
11:50:40 And maybe you, you know you should do the same for every other station, so that you are.
11:50:45 You have an open channel to the listeners to the membership, and you can update them.
11:50:53 You can communicate with them. Yeah, hey? you know we're we're having a special fundraiser to raise funds for our electrical bill Ie.
11:51:03 Or for our news department, trying to get her off the ground.
11:51:07 Whatever whatever you want to communicate. So, normally an event an email blast is sent out to inform them about the Town Hall event.
11:51:18 Michael, I see other people Myela recent, has their hand up.
11:51:23 Let me go to Janine because Janine was trying to speak earlier.
11:51:26 Janine. Go ahead, Janine Ron. Hi! Thank you.
11:51:29 Thanks for joining us, Stephanie. 2 things.
11:51:34 One is i'm. wondering is there anything holding us back from having an in-person outdoor gathering for our town hall. There's been a lot of talk in other committee meetings about insurance
11:51:51 but this used to happen in the past so I don't really know where we're at with that and would you be in favor of it, or open to it.
11:52:01 That's number one
11:52:07 What would be dependent upon yeah, where it would be taking place.
11:52:11 And because it is a it would be an event that is associated with Kpk.
11:52:17 We do have to. You know we do have to make sure that we have insurance for the event, and that would just be adding a writer to the existing liability insurance that we have Stephanie.
11:52:30 We have had. We have all held many, many events, at the parking lot for many years, and successfully.
11:52:39 And you know, with instruction for people to park at a certain place blah blah blah! and we have never ever had an issue of insurance policy.
11:52:50 Would you be in a position to let us know what that writer would entail?
11:52:56 How much it would cost, I don't know off the top of my head.
11:53:02 But any sort of, and there might have been writers that were put into place that were maybe just done on the administrative side, and were necessarily, you know, shared with with people, not because we weren't trying not to share things with people
11:53:13 but often the behind the scenes admin work that goes behind.
11:53:16 Some of these things. you know is just part of that daily operation of running a business. but I check, and you know I mean check and see usually those writers aren't it's not incredibly expensive.
11:53:30 But you know we have to get riders, you know, for example, any time a contract, or even comes in and does any sort of work in the building, or anything like that.
11:53:37 They have to provide a rider to us as well you know not holding us liable.
11:53:41 If there's any sort of issues yeah and and you know one of the things that I've noticed is that there are a lot of things that have happened you know, that have taking place in the past.
11:53:55 Or The The company sometimes has a history of doing things and then hoping that nothing goes wrong, and we've been lucky that things like that have, you know, Haven't happened.
11:54:05 But we really need to be very proactive rather than reactive to things that we are doing, and I would rather be able to be on the up and up and make sure that we have everything in place.
11:54:15 You know again, simple as an insurance writer, before any sort of event takes place.
11:54:32 But It's just for the protection of you know somebody with an event that's somebody says is you know on behalf of Kpfk.
11:54:41 It's being run by the outreach committee somebody trips in the parking lot. And now they're suing us right? So it's those kind of things we just wanna make sure that all of you guys are protected under
11:54:50 any sort of insurance that Pacifica has. So in case there is something that happens, Pacifica can take the brunt of that rather than it being pinpointed to any of you.
11:55:01 Guys. yes. okay. So I notice, I notice I am going to call on Mila and Kim and I am going to call, and someone else I need to know who is 5,600.
11:55:12 What telephone number? Whose number that is. Hello! You hear me?
11:55:18 Who is this Dr. Halley? Oh, Dr. Holly, thank you for joining us.
11:55:23 Thank you very much. The number looked familiar. Okay, before that.
11:55:28 I do that. Stephanie. Thank you for that.
11:55:32 We can raise any funds. please call on people.
11:55:37 Please let other people speak. And just let us know.
11:55:45 Okay, because the plan is to hold it at the parking lot next month, and we need to open up the station as soon as possible.
11:55:52 We need to move forward there's no talk about that There's talk about restricting and blockading, but not moving forward.
11:56:01 We're going on 3 years now. Okay, my love reason go ahead.
11:56:04 Oh, thank you, Billa, i'm just wondering whether you have put together a proposed budget for the event Is that to Stephanie?
11:56:15 No it's to you bella yeah I mean you're the one who's saying we're moving forward with an event a town hall in the parking lot, and i'm just wondering whether you no I
11:56:30 did not, let me wait. Wait! Hold on!
11:56:37 Just a second. So there's a town hall and also an event in the parking lot participates.
11:56:50 But the the event that is being planned is for a Saturday in July, mid July, which is not being planned by us at the Outreach Committee.
11:57:01 The outreach committee is planning its town hall at the end of of July, Okay, so that's the quick. So then the question is, have you put together a proposed budget for the Town hall
11:57:21 At this time, until until we have a venue.
11:57:24 If we do get a venue, then we would work on that.
11:57:30 A physical venue. Oh, is that it? Mila?
11:57:33 Yes, thank you, thank you. go ahead, Kim, and then you, Dr.
11:57:37 Holly alright. first of all, Mo said no mo said no to this parking lot.
11:57:44 Event. Number one number 2. You need staff there, and it appears that nobody has asked Staff.
11:57:54 You want free run of the building that's a problem without staff being there.
11:58:03 Among other things, And as for opening up the station, there are a lot of anti-vacors or non-vaxors around Kpfk.
11:58:16 That makes some people very uncomfortable so in terms of opening up the building.
11:58:25 That's a problem and we need to think about people's safety before other things.
11:58:31 So pressuring Stephanie about this parking lot.
11:58:36 Event is not appropriate. You should be talking to the general manager, who, as I said already told everybody.
11:58:45 No. if you wanna negotiate, negotiate with him.
11:58:48 Thank you, thank you. kim so you miss represented what is really going on, because the people that the programmers that have been planning the event have been in communication with metal they haven't no they haven't
11:59:08 but management did not know about it until they were sent your your your thing about
11:59:18 it. Okay, Kim. Thank you very much. go. Janine, you.
11:59:26 You wanted to say a word on this or yeah, I have my, you know.
11:59:30 I put my hand back up so it's not still raised from before.
11:59:34 I just wanna be clear, you know we have a multiple fundraising ideas, and they entail bringing people together to fundraise and without insurance, whether it's in the parking lot or in the venue that was
11:59:50 offered up to us for free down on ventura Boulevard.
11:59:56 We can't take advantage of any of them until we know what's going on in insurance, so what i'd like to propose is that we have a deadline to hear back on this this week like in one week's
12:00:10 time can we find out what is entailed in having a kpfk in person?
12:00:16 Event as far as ensuring it, because this this has been coming up for months.
12:00:24 And mo Thomas. Maybe he you know he has issues with the parking lot.
12:00:29 But I don't know that it's his jurisdiction.
12:00:32 I believe Stephanie is the in in the end.
12:00:35 The final say over the Gm. but I I would like to know that we can do it elsewhere.
12:00:44 There's there's protocols I'm.
12:00:46 Sorry there's protocols I run I run productions all the time, and there is protocols to put in place whether it's checking back vaccination cards, or checking that somebody's been tested
12:01:00 in the last 48 h there's no reason to not have an in-person event.
12:01:05 Thank you, Janine. I see Dr. Halley, and I see you.
12:01:11 Michael Novick and Michael Heis. Go ahead, Dr. Holly. Thank you.
12:01:17 Good morning. Actually, I don't have anything in ParticularI yeah.
12:01:24 I just wanted to be acknowledged I want to check with you folks.
12:01:33 I'll lower my hand and my hands getting so okay. Okay, thank you, Michael Novik, and then Michael Heis, go ahead, Michael Novick.
12:01:43 Oh, I wish I i've spoken previously yes, thank you.
12:01:50 Michael Highs before you go. I have not been able to read your Us.
12:01:55 Suggestion, but in fact, I have it open, and I was going to read it in the first opportunity.
12:02:02 So go ahead. no, that that's fine thanks bill I opened it out by saying, Alright, let me just open this up. I apologize.
12:02:12 From being that you were going to be busy today. Yes, and the the other meeting that I was at concluded earlier.
12:02:20 So walking here I am. but I apologize for having missed the first.
12:02:25 It's usually the first half hour of the discussion and I just wanted to throw into the pot as I came in.
12:02:31 You were talking about insurance which I i'm with the group that says it's absolutely mandatory, you know, as far as the heaven forbid, something happens.
12:02:40 We have to make sure we've got coverage but the other thing is that in this day and age for a variety of unfortunate reasons. I I can't believe that we would wanna have an event whether it's just
12:02:52 that outside in the parking lot and particularly if it's inside where there isn't sufficient security, because you're just asking for trouble, and if that's not possible, Then I would say we we said and can't do anything
12:03:09 Okay, Go ahead, Michael Novick. Thank you, Michael Heis.
12:03:14 You need to on mute. There was not good thanks. The reason I asked for the agenda in the chat, and and I think what was listed on Kpf.
12:03:26 Dx is not really an agenda it's a number of different points. You want to discuss.
12:03:28 I'm confused what we're talking about here right since the parking lot event under discussion is not from the outreach committee, and it's it's not actually from the Lsb.
12:03:38 At all. I suggest that not that's not a topic of a discussion of this meeting.
12:03:43 If if the one of the top priorities is to developed a town hall, I think we should devote some time to that.
12:03:50 I think we should assign some times for the other items you want to talk about.
12:03:54 As far as you listed, also social media outreach, and maybe something else regarding outreach.
12:04:02 And I think we should you know. Try to have a focus discussion that moves the process forward and gets us to the place where we can schedule the town hall. figure out how it's going to happen the main purpose of the town hall into the
12:04:15 bylaws is to hear from the listeners and I Think that, you know the way to do that is to promote it well enough that the listeners are where it's happening in participate.
12:04:26 And share, you know, with they want to so I would appreciate it if we could.
12:04:32 It's ready after after noon and if we could you know schedule, how much time we would devote to what else we're talking about today, and we can focus on those topics and get something done.
12:04:40 Thank you. Oh, well, you just preempted me. If you can lower your hand, Michael Novik, you just preempt it.
12:04:51 Maybe because that is the next issue I already mentioned that we are planning
12:04:56 The Town Hall event for the last Sunday of the month.
12:05:00 If if we are going to do it, virtual like I said and we don't have a physical location soon enough.
12:05:11 Then it will be virtual. But it is Germaine to discuss moving forward so that the station can start holding life.
12:05:20 Events us in the past. this coming no longer be tolerated.
12:05:26 Got, the station has remained completely shut down, which is not good at this very critical time.
12:05:36 When we are facing such hardship, financial hardship. And so 1 one way to lift that and shift away from the funk we are in is to outreach to the community, and a lot of goodwill has been lost another event
12:05:59 was planned for February nineteenth that was blockaded as well.
12:06:04 The reason was not nothing to do with insurance. The insurance is just another excuse.
12:06:11 At this stage, so you can come up with all kinds of excuses.
12:06:17 Right. We have held many events at the parking lot, never an issue of insurance ever.
12:06:24 And we've had very successful events. I repeat so we have got to be very serious here.
12:06:32 How we move forward, and we have the fundraising committee.
12:06:36 We have the outreach committee, and all of us feel that the station needs to do its part to open up and welcome back its community.
12:06:50 The signal area community, ,
12:07:00 How much the the writer would be with an assured time, and Janine suggested a week, maybe earlier, so that we know where we stand, and we can go forward with that.
12:07:12 Go ahead, Janine, run. Well, I just wanted to draw attention to the motion that I put in the chat, although I I am missing just a few words to round it out.
12:07:24 But yeah, it's whereas kpfk is in dire financial die or financial.
12:07:32 And then situation is missing. but we could put that in there, whereas Kpfk is in a dire financial situation, and needs to raise membership and funds immediately.
12:07:42 And whereas both Kpfk Outreach Committee and Finance Committee have suggested multiple in-person events.
12:07:50 To raise members. you meant fundraising. You meant fundraising that finance.
12:07:54 Oh, sorry. Yeah. fundraising committee have suggested multiple in-person events to raise membership and funds.
12:08:03 Therefore the outreach committee asked the Pnb.
12:08:05 Ed. to provide both committees with the insurance requirements and cost of such requirements.
12:08:12 Slash coverage within a one-week period.
12:08:17 And then, on top of that, Michael Heis added, that I am, and necessary security support into the motion.
12:08:26 Now that actually concerns me I I don't know that we need security at i've never seen them in the past.
12:08:36 But anyway, I can retype this and put it back in the chat with the missing connecting words. and I would love.
12:08:43 I would like to put this to a boat. Yes, okay, very good.
12:08:46 If you can do that real quick leave out the security area.
12:08:51 And the reason being is that the the event that is being planned for the parking lot the programmers will be handling that themselves.
12:09:02 They take care of all the areas. the only is the only area that they ask management to provide.
12:09:11 To provide access to were the bathrooms and electric and electricity.
12:09:16 That was it nothing more. In fact, no one needs to go into the station at all, because Porta parties would be rented, so no one has to go inside the station.
12:09:29 Only electricity. Thank you. I, Janine, did you still?
12:09:34 Are you done, or what? Okay, Rob? Rob making? Go ahead, Rob, I see you.
12:09:40 Michael i'm sorry I would just add that this has nothing to do with the parking lot.
12:09:48 If we I I really believe that we need to get away from the property at Kpfk right now, and just say anywhere you know whether it's in Griffith Park, whether it's in the theater that has been offered
12:10:00 up to us for free on Ventura Bolivar.
12:10:05 No matter where it is, we need to be able to have in-person events with the community.
12:10:09 We're losing a touch with them. Thank you Thank you Okay, go ahead.
12:10:15 Paul Robertson, Hey, bella so as far as the security is concerned.
12:10:19 Am I been to multiple events, and I didn't particularly feel unsafe, or you know that there would be any issues.
12:10:26 But you know one of the one of the speakers did request it, and they did.
12:10:29 You know, assert a need for it and I think that that's, I think it's at least appropriate to at least have a conversation or discussion about the that necessity, and to you can now need to laterally just kind
12:10:41 of discharge it I think it's a little inappropriate. So I think I think we just should probably circle back to discuss that topic, because there are a lot of crazies out there it might be
12:10:54 legitimate point and as far as the meeting you know, since it is a community event, you know, and a lot of people are concerned about the pandemic.
12:11:04 If we're able to have you know you know even have whether providing mass or you know, the sanitizer bottles, or even having testing, and all you know, vacation, I know that's kind of a tricky word
12:11:15 with some folks, but having some community, you know, resources available in support.
12:11:20 So be, you know, a wonderful opportunity to be like, I said, to assist the listenership.
12:11:26 So just my 2 cents excellent, excellent! Paul Robertson, well taken by the way.
12:11:33 The event that was planned for February nineteenth was equipped with even a testing site on the street on the sidewalk.
12:11:41 So all of these areas were already discussed and taken into account and factored in absolutely. I see, Kim, I see.
12:11:52 Oh, Michael, Heis! And then Kim kaufman Okay, go ahead Kim.
12:11:59 She spoke before, and Gamsley, Excuse me, they have your hand raised so Oh, I know.
12:12:11 But Bella just said something about me I didn't catch
12:12:15 You spoke before. I said you did not hear me now I hear you.
12:12:19 I spoke before. many people have spoken before. Michael, This is an issue for the general manager.
12:12:30 Now you're talking about renting through a party that wasn't in the initial proposal.
12:12:37 This is an issue that needs to be discussed with management.
12:12:41 This is not the Outreach Committee has been said here.
12:12:45 This is something the programmers are apparently doing by themselves so it's none of our business can we please move on to whatever it is.
12:12:58 This committee does. thank you. go ahead, Michael hi thanks Bella I mean I don't want to plug the deceased key coin here.
12:13:10 But you know I I just think that and i'll leave it to Stephanie and and Moe.
12:13:14 But we live in a perilous era and i'm involved now with a friend of mine who has not in Los Angeles, but a bunch of crazies have threatened a number of community and faith based places in that
12:13:33 city, and I do think that we are too much of a target, and to say that we don't need insurance, and we don't need security is like because we've never had a problem is like saying well, i've never had an
12:13:46 accident in my car so what do I need insurance for I don't have fire, and I don't I've never had a fire in my house or i've never been broken into so I don't need renters
12:13:56 insurance. I mean that That's I'm sorry Thank you. Rob.
12:14:05 Paul Robertson, you need to on mute and then back to you, Janine
12:14:19 Yeah, I just wanted to say the purpose. of this committee is Outreach, and it's very difficult to have outreach when you're not in the community.
12:14:32 Right so for someone to say for Kim kaufman to say that we should get back to the business of this committee.
12:14:36 That's exactly what we are doing and this has been going on for over a year, where we are begging to have in person events.
12:14:47 There are other areas of society that are having in-person events outside and inside, and instead of us.
12:14:56 This is supposed to be a brave station. Nobody is saying that we should do it without insurance.
12:15:02 But to think that because we might be a target of some groups some hate groups or whatever, and therefore we won't have events that to me is ridiculous, and I don't know what's going on here there are many people on
12:15:15 this call in this meeting today that have never been they have not been participating in this committee in the past.
12:15:25 I agree they're showing up and all they're doing is trying to take away the the conversation about having in-person events at a critical time for this station. and I object to all of that.
12:15:36 Thank you, thank you, Janine. Well said I, see I see Nancy Cybara from Kpft.
12:15:45 Go ahead, Nancy, if you have something to say you need to on mute.
12:15:54 Oh, I wasn't planning to speak but i'll go ahead the Kpfk Lsv voted to strongly recommend the town halls be on the air, and I would suggest you think in that pathway, since
12:16:09 we are radio, and we have a lot of listeners that can hear a town hall meeting much more easily than go and get to there, because in our
12:16:23 No, I just muted I just muted someone that was So if you have it on the air, that is the fairest and safest, and you don't need to pay for insurance, and if you want to do a
12:16:38 hybrid at a library. then the library on which we did.
12:16:42 We did Pacifica fight back at a town hall virtually on Zoom, and we included a library in Tampa, Florida, Wmf.
12:16:53 Whose programming has been hijacked like Kpfts was last year, you know, Triple.
12:16:58 A music was accelerated, and the public affairs were pushed to the HD.
12:17:03 I mean almost same similar problem. The Kpt, under a new management, has made a better balance and brought in a lot of public affairs, because at Kpft we are lacking programmers.
12:17:16 Since 2,020, and I don't think even the board members know this.
12:17:20 I know, because i've been communicating with the the former engineer up 10 years or more, Anyway, we we don't have enough, and we're losing programmers, too.
12:17:30 So. anyway, there's a problem that kpft but is so much better.
12:17:37 Now the is less a triple, a I mean some more of a balance with public affairs.
12:17:42 I don't know what the future is gonna bring but let me get back to the the Town Hall.
12:17:48 So if you do that at a public library, the library, has to take responsibility, and then of anybody getting sick, and then you should tell everybody where masks and but for people who do not feel comfortable to do an in person and i'm one of them we
12:18:05 should have it on the air because that's where our people people are.
12:18:10 That's all I said enough, thank you thank you for that that is great hybrid all the way.
12:18:16 So there are number of I have suggested that for the last year's Town Hall and and you know I was hoping that we would have been able to bridge that so that we could have had the the advantage of over the
12:18:33 airwave communication with the listeners, while also holding the virtual Town hall that never worked out.
12:18:42 Okay, I see Bruce Kve, Michael Novik, and then Margo, I, sir, Go ahead, Bruce.
12:18:47 You need to unmute The library is here on Long Island actually have some really beautiful facilities, like auditorium with slope seating and quality audio video and visual.
12:19:05 If you can speak up. Oh, yeah, The library here on Long Island have some really quality facilities like auditorium, with slope seating and meeting rooms and audio visual equipment.
12:19:19 So if they would be willing sometimes. it's like well you know it's not it's you get involved with the Oh, is it political or not political?
12:19:30 Whatever. But if the library's willing to do it then yeah and their insurance would cover it.
12:19:35 That's a great solution, because they're already set up for this kind of stuff, at least here on Long Island.
12:19:40 That's it, thank you and I want to say that in the past.
12:19:45 The townholes have been held in at community universities, community colleges different venues.
12:19:55 So you know public libraries are definitely a good venue for it.
12:19:59 I see Margo Eister and Michael Novik again.
12:20:04 Go ahead, Margo. you need to unmute. Yes, I agree that we should have a combination of events.
12:20:09 I went to a contract dance last night, and I with a vat mask and a vaccine boost.
12:20:16 You know I had been vaccinated. it was very Speak up. Can you speak up?
12:20:22 Yes, live events can happen, and a hybrid is a wonderful idea.
12:20:25 I went to a contra dance last night, even with a mask it was still a good event.
12:20:30 We mingled and mixed. but yes, using a church using somewhere would be good to have a hybrid event.
12:20:36 Kpfk could be broadcasting from every event is really should be.
12:20:38 I do have to go now, but I hope you keep on the idea.
12:20:41 Outreach outreach is touching people in the community that you know you don't have to touch him, but reach out remote information all over, and we can keep doing that in all different ways and be creative.
12:20:52 About it, and yes, I think it should be. I believe it could be at the station or at a nice venue, and then could be a combination of also being broadcast.
12:21:00 That would be perfect, that's a great idea Okay, so I and I will be leaving so have a good rest of the day.
12:21:08 Everybody, yeah, We lower my hand. think it would be useful if we could try to pick a date for the next town hall is July July.
12:21:31 The 30 first. Okay, So on that basis, I think, you know, we can approach the station about the possibility of simult casting something on the air.
12:21:40 What time is proposing what time on the 30 first is from one to 3.
12:21:49 Okay, and that what day of the week is that although although we've gone a little further?
12:21:54 In fact, a year ago or 2 years ago, our our town hall went for 4 h.
12:22:08 Say that again, Michael
12:22:09 Okay, So then, I think you know, we we can announce that on the Lsb.
12:22:15 Report the listener on Wednesday, and you know we should bring it and talk to the station about the possibility of simultaneously.
12:22:24 I think we should plan on a a zoom event for now, and you know if we can commit to that, then other possibilities, you know, could follow.
12:22:34 But I think we have to try to you know have a clear idea about what's happening.
12:22:40 It was responsible for it, and how it's going to proceed. I do think that in terms of outreach in general, although I support the idea of the station being avenue that people can come to and you know doing public events I
12:22:56 think, given that our audience has been diminishing for a number of years in our support, base, vital, that we go to where people are and not ascent to come to us necessarily as the way to make that contact I think that you know people
12:23:13 have been out in the streets in in throngs because of Ropey Wade because of you know the reckoning with racism that's been going on since.
12:23:23 Certainly the killing of George Floyd. More 2 years now.
12:23:27 And I think that in this whole period the coming up, you know, the issue of the climate is going to be more and more pressing to more and more young people.
12:23:37 That was the march for our lives that drew thousands of people into the streets.
12:23:41 The outreach committee and the station in general. But outreach the volunteers offering to do it need to be out, you know, at those venues, and to the extent of the station.
12:23:53 Can you know, either through those volunteers or in other ways capture content from those things, and put it on the air?
12:23:59 I think that's the critical way to make that connection much more cell than it has been for some time.
12:24:05 So I do what I think. we should emphasize.
12:24:10 That aspect of going out to where the people are, because the people are out there in in very, very large numbers constantly.
12:24:17 There were, you know, tens of thousands of the martializer, you know tens of thousands that probably I think there were a dozen The demonstrations are Rovy Wade, around their similar area.
12:24:29 You know Claremont and Tour, and you know Orange County, and in, you know, obviously downtown La and Westwood, and so on.
12:24:35 So I think that that's vital that we try to organize and a solid plan for doing that kind of outreach and taking the space to who people are.
12:24:45 Thank you. here. yes, I I cannot hear who is asking me.
12:24:51 That's Janine, i'm going for a vote. on the motion that I put we do have.
12:24:57 Thank you for reminding me. So we do have a motion, and can you please read it again and send it to me via email Janine.
12:25:06 Can you read to us the motion. Yes, give me a moment i'm going up
12:25:17 So, whereas Kpfk is in dire finance of dire financial situation and needs to raise membership and funds immediately. And we're as both Kpfk Outreach committee and fundraising committee have suggested
12:25:30 multiple in-person events to raise membership in funds.
12:25:34 Therefore the outreach committee asked the Pnb.
12:25:37 Ed to provide both committees with the insurance requirements and cost of such requirements.
12:25:44 Coverage within a one-week period i'm not sure who is eligible to vote in this committee.
12:25:52 Everybody Everyone can vote here because this is open membership we don't have the restrictions.
12:25:59 The people attending can vote. The Outreach Committee operates in a very different sphere.
12:26:07 So we have got several people here that can, you know, participate in that fashion.
12:26:15 I want to know who is I D. a B. If you can identify yourself
12:26:28 And I see caller number 2 let's see Bill like, Can you hear me?
12:26:36 Yes, I don't know who that is this is Sasha, hey? Sasha?
12:26:42 3, 9, 6, 5, yeah same number we've been doing any of this.
12:26:53 Yeah, I just I know cause i'm using just as phone in so it's not showing up on whatever I didn't have anything to say. so i'll just be on silent
12:27:13 Thanks. : Okay, Great: Who is this calling Number 2?
12:27:23 Okay, Hold on, Go ahead, Mike. I also see Colin.
12:27:26 Number 2 wants to speak. Michael Hes, can you hold on shoulder number 2?
12:27:32 You have your hand up, madam. Chair point of order. yes,
12:27:38 Hold on, Hold on! We need to take a vote on the motion.
12:27:45 We need to take a vote on the motion and jeanine Ron.
12:27:50 Can you please read it to us we've had a couple of new people that joined us.
12:27:54 Sorry about that. Go ahead, Janine. again. I have a question about the motion.
12:27:58 Okay, then, hold on, Janine. call in number Number 2.
12:28:03 Go ahead. Okay, Thanks. Hi, there. My question is, if you can speak up.
12:28:12 Oh, I am shouting, Okay. I pass the phone almost into my mouth.
12:28:18 Can you hear me better a little okay? i'll be brief, And can a committee actually send a motion directly to the Pnb.
12:28:29 Without going through the Lsb. i'm sorry what was the question, Can an Lsb. committee send a motion directly to the Pnb.
12:28:45 Without it having gone through the Lsc. yes, there are occasions when committees can do that.
12:28:54 Okay, Thanks. Okay, Janine Ron go be Bell. I had to point the water First I like the motion.
12:29:03 I don't see why we would be without liability insurance period.
12:29:09 Thank you. thank you. hold on, Michael, Heis I don't see your hand up
12:29:27 Please, Janine, can you read the motion again? Okay, I did not hear you a point of order.
12:29:38 What is your point of order, Michael? How is this is a committee as noted in the emails?
12:29:43 Aren't committees governed by the rules as discussed in many other committees such that who may vote is not something that the chair of any committee can overrule.
12:29:56 If you're a committee you have to abide by all the rules as the other committees, and and I just don't sort of surprise that the rules that everybody asks for for other committees can be thrown away here so
12:30:09 that a vote for people without a establishing who's eligible to vote.
12:30:15 I, I would think is is out of water. Michael, Heis, You and I have had this conversation in this Okay, Thank you.
12:30:31 Michael Heis Kim Kaufman, I see you.
12:30:33 Can you please read the motion again? Janine, run?
12:30:37 Thank you I I i'm seconding michael's point of order.
12:30:42 Michael kisses correct you're just making up rules here there's.
12:30:48 I'm not making up any no committee There's no limits there's no membership.
12:30:54 This vote is is interrupted there's no vote there's no committee here.
12:30:59 They're just a bunch of people whoever shows up that is not so.
12:31:03 That is not so. We have a number of image. is your first time at this.
12:31:09 This is your first attendance here. kim kaufman it's always milest.
12:31:15 The 2 of you are the 2 individuals who have never attended you.
12:31:21 Just because anybody here can vote and now You're saying, I can vote
12:31:30 Okay. it functions very differently than the other committees. I can also abstain both of you.
12:31:36 I can also, decline your votes, you and milest.
12:31:41 You are the only individuals who have never attended this committee before.
12:31:48 So please stop interrupting and sabotaging this space.
12:31:54 Thank you, and please lower your hand, or I will have to lower
12:32:12 Janine Ron, can you? please go ahead and read the motion again.
12:32:22 Sure whereas Kpfk is in dire financials in a dire financial situation, and needs to raise membership and funds immediately.
12:32:32 And whereas both the Kpfk Outreach Committee and fundraising committee have suggested multiple in-person events, too, raise membership and funds.
12:32:42 Therefore, the outreach Committee asked the Pnb.
12:32:45 Ed to provide both committees for the insurance requirements and cost of such requirements coverage within a one week period.
12:32:58 Okay, great. So 2 individuals holding up vote and that will be Kim Kaufman and Mila reason and I'm doing something else.
12:33:10 Right now. I'm sorry point of order go ahead Michael Novik.
12:33:15 If you're claiming that anybody who comes to a meeting can vote, there's no base in which you can exclude people from voting.
12:33:20 It's either challenge. there is a challenge for Michael heis and gim Government, and I don't want us to spend any more time arguing.
12:33:32 So I would like for us to is there any objection to this motion.
12:33:38 That's what I want to hear if there is any objection to this motion.
12:33:43 Yes, Kim Kaufman, Is there any other objection?
12:33:51 I checked to the whole procedure. Okay, I object as well.
12:33:57 This is and you have not this is the first time you ever attend this space, and you're trying to hijack this meeting.
12:34:14 I'm not going to permit that come on bella yes, first time. I'm not i'm not trying to hijack anything.
12:34:20 I'm just here I call for orders of the day, and a full boat if we could just get past this full code of the the members that are on this call right now.
12:34:36 So I am going to speak of just list the members.
12:34:40 A Marchoi searches Left us Bruce Grief, Nancy, Sybara, Janine Ron Michael Novik Sasha Carlick, Dr.
12:34:52 Holly caller number one, and I did not get the person that is Ida B.
12:35:04 I have never seen that before, or maybe I have
12:35:13 Who is this person? Id and
12:35:21 Bell you didn't mention me I should be about Oh, Michael hi! i'm so sorry.
12:35:24 There you go who is Ida B.
12:35:45 Okay. So that person is not with us. And so we have got one.
12:35:52 And who is caller? number 2. Now, calling number 2, You have your hand up.
12:35:59 We are about to take a vote
12:36:08 Hello, chair, Madam Chair. Yes, go ahead. I suggest that we have everyone on the call participate in the vote.
12:36:21 Okay, Okay. So let's take a vote I am going to call on people.
12:36:27 Michael Heis, how do you vote? No. Okay.
12:36:39 Dr. Holly, i'm not at all clear what they most? i'm not all clear about what the motion is.
12:36:48 Can we possibly have it done again? Just briefly. but you need can you?
12:36:57 Can you read the motion again, please? Sorry about that, whereas the kpfk, whereas Kpfk is in a dire financial situation and needs to raise membership and funds immediately.
12:37:10 And whereas both the Kpfk Outbreak Committee and fundraising committee have suggested multiple in-person events to raise membership and funds.
12:37:19 Therefore the Outreach Committee pass the Pnb.
12:37:23 Ed. provide both committees with the insurance requirements and costs.
12:37:30 Requirements with a one week period thank you Okay, great That's Dr.
12:37:37 Hallie, how do you vote
12:37:41 It's a I I cannot hear you I yes, okay, yes, thank you, Janine Ron.
12:37:53 Yes.
12:38:03 Bruce. Grief? Yes, yes, thank you.
12:38:14 Call in Number One. No, by the way, I Do not know who calling number one is, who is number one, please?
12:38:29 I'm in Goldstone. Oh, that's you hold down please let me rename you.
12:38:36 Okay.
12:38:53 Okay, color. Number One.
12:39:04 Sasha Carlick, how do you vote? I vote?
12:39:11 Yes.
12:39:20 Michael Novik, How do you vote i'm not sure am I muted, or am I audible? Oh, no, you're not muted?
12:39:30 No i'll pass hang on okay past Michael novi
12:39:48 My la reason. How do you? vote I am not a member of the committee, and so I declined to vote No, i'm not abstaining.
12:40:01 I'm not voting I think there's a slight difference
12:40:10 No, thank you. I am not a member so if you're going to put something down present, not voting.
12:40:18 But i'm really not a member I don't think You have attended this committee quite a number of times
12:40:30 I cannot. That is okay. it's okay Let's not argue over that.
12:40:35 But you are a member. You have attended this committee a number of times do you? Also, I see you there.
12:40:44 Would you like to participate by voting
12:40:51 You need to unmute
12:40:58 Okay, Caller number one. No? Oh, that was you, Raymond.
12:41:07 I got you before. coler number 2. Your hand this up.
12:41:17 Oh, my hand is up from last time. Sorry if you can lower I'm driving.
12:41:25 Oh, okay, I'll lower it for you would you like to place your vote I support.
12:41:31 I support the motion. you're asking very good thank you oh!
12:41:37 Is surreal from Wb. A. I. This voting? Yes.
12:41:42 Is that like you are not supposed to be doing that As a matter of fact, she doesn't have to identify herself yes,
12:41:57 People are not obligated to identify themselves because I think that it's important that people know I mean I I was very involved in Thank you.
12:42:15 I think I have Got everyone is there anyone who has not voted Oh, you didn't call Kim Kim Kaufman.
12:42:26 That's right. Go ahead. kim weird. I I I refuse to dignify this whole Thank you, Madam Chair, are you going to vote?
12:42:38 Yes, I am. I am voting. Yes.
12:42:44 And then Michael Novik was a pass. I have to get back to him.
12:42:48 One moment, please
12:42:57 Michael, how do you vote just put it down as abstain you abstain.
12:43:02 Okay.
12:43:06 Okay, So the tally is, we have 1, 2, 3 for 5, 6, 6.
12:43:24 Yes, we have 1, 2,
12:43:31 We have 1, 2, yes, 2 knows in 3 abstentions.
12:43:43 So it passes. I am admitting that Nancy Lawrence.
12:43:47 Too bad. Nancy has missed most of the meeting. Hello, Nancy, how are you?
12:43:55 So the motion passed, and the Pacific.
12:44:03 Ed executive Director Stephanie Wells is with us.
12:44:07 Stephanie, if you if you can unmute. Yes.
12:44:14 So you heard the vote, so would pass. I will send that to you and and so that we can start planning.
12:44:28 Moving forward for the station. and hi Nancy Lawrence, how are you?
12:44:35 Hi, Bella and Silos lake problems with zoom.
12:44:40 Okay, Glad to see you, and i'm glad to hear that you're doing well.
12:44:43 Gradually the executive director Stephanie Wells.
12:44:52 Yes, you have missed most of the meeting. Just we just took a vote.
12:44:59 A very important vote, a motion to encourage the station moving forward to find out exactly how much it would be to add a writer to the insurance policy, so that we can start having in person meetings etc.
12:45:20 Yeah. I just wanted to point out to people from the
12:45:31 Committee membership policy of the Local Station Board. What it says is that the policy of applies, except in the case of elected committees and the Outreach Committee, which it says: the Outreach committee whose membership is open
12:45:50 to all Kpfk members or the public prepared to do the work of outreach and community engagement for the station.
12:45:56 But I think that wasn't the basis that generally speaking, there were not motions coming to the Lsb.
12:46:03 From the outreach committee, because it's primarily a working committee doing the outreach.
12:46:10 So it is an exception to the general rule on membership.
12:46:13 However, it is also being revised. Michael Novik. it is being revised, and that is one of the provisions.
12:46:31 It's unbelievable has some people.
12:46:36 Okay, anyway. Michael, are you done your hand is still Michael Novik, And we'll have anything in this thing.
12:46:45 Okay, Thank you. I want us to understand that it is very important that we work jointly and collaboratively.
12:47:00 All hands on deck to janine is saying it's hard to It's hard to do the work of outreach when you can't have in person events that you thank you to everyone who voted in favor of the motion thank you
12:47:19 Janine. Hmm! and I I see Raymond Goldstone and Bruce grave.
12:47:29 Oh, they have their hands up. but we have Our next town hall is here marked July, the 30 first, which is Sunday from one to 3 P.
12:47:42 M. is possible that we will be doing simultaneously in person and broadcast.
12:47:53 So there are possibilities there for us. We can start our new paradigm after nearly 3 years of hibernation.
12:48:04 Bruce, grief, go ahead. You need to unmute
12:48:09 Yeah It's probably speak up that better yeah, it's probably out of order.
12:48:19 I mean out of agenda order whatever. But I just like to raise is the outreach committee, I mean, could the Outreach Committee be doing market research?
12:48:31 And by that I mean going out and talking to 20 to 35 year olds, and asking them, What do you listen to?
12:48:40 Where do you listen? How do you listen what would you like to hear that you're not hearing to kind of get an idea of you know what people would be interested in hearing on Kpfk and then the second part of that which
12:48:58 is kind of similar. do a survey or market research study on to the community.
12:49:13 Active activist groups like the the women who are reprocessing their the house Oakland, housing women something like that.
12:49:23 And say, look, you know you're doing some great stuff How could Kpfk help you?
12:49:27 I mean, ask him the question that way what could kpfk do to help you with what you're trying to do. And since there's such a fuss going on about, you know the school system you know the same thing go to
12:49:41 various organizations.
12:49:51 How could the station help you, and kind of call that collate that information?
12:49:54 I think that could be very useful market research that's it i'm done.
12:50:04 There are 3 committees that work in tandem, and they work in parallel, actually, and I have submitted to the cab
12:50:13 All the past cab surveys and all the information.
12:50:18 I am a former chair of the gab some years back.
12:50:21 So the the Community Advisory Board, the Outreach Committee, and the Committee of Inclusion.
12:50:28 These are the 3 committees under the bylaws charged well.
12:50:33 The cap is from the Cpb. but they are charged with exactly doing that is doing.
12:50:43 Community needs assessment at many different levels. You have to understand.
12:50:48 We have been hit hard because of Covid, and the fact that the station has been a lockdown.
12:50:56 So we have a number of issues working working against us. But I When I go out when I do community outreach, it is also difficult to get the information from the station collaboration with the station getting the the canopies getting
12:51:21 the the bumper stickers. I had to literally pay and print out business cards, a monthly sustainer, booklets, and other paraphernalia.
12:51:33 Other handouts. So it's difficult and also getting banners done. so.
12:51:41 You know, all of that should be collaboratively worked out, and it used to be very smooth with the station years ago.
12:51:52 But in recent years, as we become more and more difficult, so yes, the answer is yes.
12:51:56 In this needs to be done more, and this is the time for us to go out into the community absolutely. and we need more people in outreach.
12:52:08 In fact, the outreach list is very, very extensive.
12:52:15 However, as soon as the station went into lockdown merely 3 years ago, many people abandoned
12:52:24 Their engagement with the station, and that has heard us greatly.
12:52:27 I have mentioned this before a number of times but I'm glad that Stephanie Wells is here to hear it.
12:52:34 Stephanie, I would like to ask if you have any words we
12:52:40 We close our meeting at 1 30 the time right now is almost one o'clock
12:52:51 No, just I mean one of the major things to deal with outreach is that if you're what we want to do is gain new listeners.
12:52:58 So you know it's it's one thing to have a you know It's important to have our town halls and our outreach.
12:53:06 But you want to make sure that you're just not reaching out to the same people that you've been hanging out to that are active in these.
12:53:11 So you do need to find new listeners. last year, during Covid we had close to almost 10,000 listeners that were, you know, paying the $25, which you know again that 2 needs to be looked at because
12:53:25 that's way too low of a fee If that's what is supposed to be our own source of income over the last year that drops significantly down to a little over 5,000.
12:53:34 So it's one thing to outreach to our listeners, but you need to outreach to new people that will be listeners.
12:53:41 So again. it's great to have town halls it's great to you know.
12:53:45 Have those events, but you have to make sure that you were not just inviting the same people that have been a part of this for years.
12:53:53 But you have to get out into the communities that are not being represented, and make sure that you are listening to those individuals with the plan of making them listeners.
12:54:04 I wanted to add to that, Stephanie. Thank you so much for that, because
12:54:12 You do understand, of course, that if the station that the station well, you would not know this, but I need, and I have written to you about it, and I will say it again.
12:54:23 I always mention this in this space when we meet that the station Kpfk has not been promoting the annual $25 membership.
12:54:37 Can someone mute? Can someone mute, please? I will have to mute everybody.
12:54:44 Okay, thank you. And the station around the clock at the top of every hour 58 s to the hour needs to be promoting the annual $25 membership, and it's value this station does not
12:55:01 do that it has not been to in this for some years.
12:55:06 This has also hurt us a great deal. However, if you listen to the Spanish language programming at night, every single one of those programs always promotes the annual membership and explains the the benefits the value.
12:55:26 This is very critical. This is where we get the many, the many, not the few, the large donors that have been already overtabbed.
12:55:38 But the many with the $25 subscription.
12:55:43 Michael Novik, I see you have your hand up.
12:55:46 And Michael Heis, I think Michael High School first go ahead Okay, thanks. Bella.
12:55:52 I'm gonna throw in something that was in the emails that I sent you yesterday or the day before.
12:55:58 But hopefully, this is German to the current point
12:56:08 One of the things I heard in one of the promos yesterday may have been. I I don't know who was who it was, but something that really caught my my attention was to add into the Yes, which is very short.
12:56:21 And if you can't quote if you can't support the station financially, which is understandable, you can support in a way that does not require any money, get 3 or 4 or 5 of your friends, to listen so that we can use the
12:56:39 listeners that we have to be encouraged to outreach the other, and I don't know where to raise this. but I guess I I raise it because as Wells is here that I think that this is something that should be on behalf
12:56:52 of outreach, and the guidelines that go to the on air People. because it's like free in both directions. Exactly.
12:57:05 And I and I. So when you sent that, and I fully agree absolutely, absolutely.
12:57:10 We have to utilize every asset, every acid we have to capitalize on every asset that we can possibly tap into Michael Novick.
12:57:23 Now that you were I mean Michael Heis I want
12:57:27 I want Stephanie Wells, to hear your suggestion as well.
12:57:32 And this is what you sent out, and I want it, and I have it.
12:57:37 I opened it up to read it today, but I had not been able to up until now.
12:57:41 We need to coordinate virtual electronic ideas to spread Kpfk and Number 39 presence through.
12:57:50 Although I do not understand what number 39, What was that about Michael?
12:57:56 Was that a from what you sent out so that you would know what i'm responding to that's mh age to make it easier for listeners without a standard radio in the room where we are the following wording should be added
12:58:31 to any card, and that's in quote or other announcement that tells listeners to go to Kpfk org absolutely, or tell you smart speaker to play Kpfk Hmm.
12:58:48 That is easy does not cost us anything, and enables people to listen where there is no radio, and when it is not possible to use their phone tablet or computer as an example.
12:59:03 When I listen in my office or kitchen. That is exactly what I what I do.

Bella De Soto
Posted: 07/11/2022 - 1:22 AMUpdated :07/12/2022 - 12:35 AM

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