Pacifica National Board
National Meeting
Los Angeles, California
Friday through Sunday,
July 27-29, 2007

Recordings below.

Times are pretty accurate since they're taken from the actual recording.

The meeting was held at
Los Angeles Downtown Marriott
333 S. Figueroa
Los Angeles, CAs

Friday, July 27, 2007
  Public Session - Thematic Discussion

Who we are as a Network - The Relation between Local and National Programming
Report by Nathan Moore, Natl Program Coordinator; Dwayne Bradly, GM KPFT; Sasha LIlly, PD, KPFA; Armando Gudiño, PD, KPFK; Brian Deshazor, Director, Pacifica Radio Archives

Discussion: Margaret Prescod, Rip Robbins, Chandra Hauptmann, Eva Georgia, Bob Lederer, LaVarne Williams, Lydia Brazon, Ray LaForest, Evelyn Bethune, Bobby Hill, Lisa Davis, Mary Berg, Acie Byrd, Berthold Reimers, Sarv Randhawa, Michael Woodson, Dave Adelson, Ernesto Aguilar, Israel Feuer, Fige Bornu, Jane Jackson

Further Discussion: Verna Avery Brown, Nathan Moore, Greg Guma
Download Report Discussion Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  Public Business Meeting
6:00 Call to Order - Business (Agenda, Minutes, etc) Play Download
6:10 Public Comment Play Download
6:40 Executive Director Report - Greg Guma Play Download
6:55 Questions & Answers for ED Play Download
7:25 Affiliates Director Report - Ursula Ruedenberg Play Download
7:25 Statement by Margaret Prescod and Adjourn Play Download
Recording (Downloads next to agenda items above)
Saturday, July 28, 2007
10:30 Convene - Approval of Minutes Play Download
  Committee Reports - Motions
10:36 Affiliates Working Group - Rip Robbins Play Download
11:25 Elections Committee - Bob Lederer Play Download
  Staff Report
11:30 Election Supervisor - Casey Peters Play Download
  Committee Reports - Motions
11:53 Governance Committee - Sarv Randhawa Play Download
11:58 Programming Committee - Rob Robinson Play Download
12:05 Technology Committee - Michael Woodson Play Download
12:25 Finance Committee - LaVarn Williams Play Download
12:47 Audit Committee - Lisa Davis Play Download
12:50 Archive Committee - Lamont Yeakey Play Download
12:53 Racism & Sexism - Lisa Davis Play Download
12:56 Videotape Intermission - Dave Adelson and Board Play Download
1:00 Committees of Inclusion - Acie Byrd, Ray LaForest, Lydia Brazon Play Download
1:06 Commemoration of Roy Tuckman, Jay Kugelman and Julio Martinez -
Eva Georgia et. al. Play Download
  Public Comment
1:27 Public Comment - Play Download
  Report and Discussion
2:20 Report on ADA Issues in Pacifica - Francie Moeller
Download Part 1 Part 2
  Public Comment
4:50 Public Comment II - Play Download
  Staff Report
5:07 Pacifica Radio Archives - Brian DeShazor Play Download
  Staff Report
7:15 Chief Financial Officerwith Discussion - Lonnie Hicks Play Download
7:18 Digital Distribution - Rob Robinson Play Download
  Station Reports
7:50 KPFK - Eva Georgia with Armando Gudiño, Fernando Velazquez, Zuberi Fields Download
8:50 WBAI - Robert Scott Adams - Discussion Play Download
9:00 KPFT - Duane Bradley - Discussion Play Download
9:15 KPFA - Lemlem Rigio - Discussion Play Download
9:25 Good Night - Dave Adelson et. al. Play Download
Committee Reports & Motions Public Comment ADA Report Staff & Station Reports
Sunday, July 29, 2007
  Public Session
12:00 Call to Order and Roll Call Play Download
  Public Comment
12:03 Public Comment Play Download
  Staff Report
12:30 Tech Report - Jon Almeleh Play Download
  Unfinished Business
12:50 Board Statement about the Executive Director - Lydia Brazon, Rip Robbins Play Download
12:55 Finance Committee Motion - Lavarn Williams Play Download
  New Business
1:15 Next PNB Meeting Play Download
1:20 Motion concerning Executive Director Salary - Lydia Brazon Play Download
1:37 Various Motions Download Play Download
2:05 Adjourn to Executive Session
  Play Meeting
  Notes: The PNB will forego formal Committee presentations, unless a Committee informs the PNB of pressing action items. Any written reports will be received by the PNB for consideration and any necessary referrals to Committee.
Apologies for any names misspelled or left out entirely. Please let me know so I can correct it.